Wednesday, May 2, 2012


After making the rounds at the historic Longshan Temple, I wanted to head to Ximending and decided the best way was probably to just walk their directly. Here, I passed by the local police department and was somewhat amused to see a scooter parking lot out front =)

The path we took up to Ximending from Longshan Temple generally went past a number of older shops such as auto repair shops, mechanics and more industrial-type stores. But as we started getting into the Ximending area, the shops and stores started to look decidedly more upscale with brightly lit neon signs and colorful banners beckoning at you to visit.

A hairdresser/barber:

Here's another Holiday KTV if you're in the mood for karaoke! Saw one at Shilin Night Market earlier.

The streets were colorfully decorated with dangling Christmas lights to celebrate the holiday season.

A distinct mix of traditional and modern. On the left are some really wacky, traditional Taiwanese foods which I really don't think I have the stomach to take. On the right are the somewhat more palatable (to me anyways!) and quintessential Starbucks and 7-Eleven.

Ads galore in the heart of Ximending!

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