Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sachiko's on Clinton

Although I'm already too late to refer anyone to this restaurant (as it's now unfortunately closed down), nevertheless I have to say that the Sachiko Kaiseki set we had here was probably among the best sushi I've ever had.

The Sachiko Sushi Kaiseki was a set meal for $54 (fortunately we had $2 restaurant.com certificates which helped offset our costs by $25) and consisted of a number of appetizers, entrees, sushi and dessert.

The first appetizer was the marinated oysters which had a mouthwatering tender texture.

Next was the sesame tofu (with a somewhat firmer texture than usual) which tasted very good in the sauce.

The tuna tataki was up next and I thought it was certainly more flavorful than the one at Jean Georges Nougatine. The taste was more delightful but that might have been because Jean Georges used a ginger marinade instead.

The simmered eggplant was one of the more unique dishes of the evening and the cold broth in which the eggplant was prepared tasted superb.

Assorted sashimi including the scallop salsa, jumbo sweet shrimp with sea urchin and the spear squid with spicy cod roe. Some closeups of the squid and scallop are also shown below. It pretty much goes without saying that this was probably the highlight of the evening!

The filet mignon tataki was brilliantly prepared, with the sides lightly seared but with a very juicy and tender interior.

An enoki mushroom miso soup:

A very unique Naruto roll made of eel and avocado wrapped inside cucumber.

And peppermint gelato to finish off one of the best dinners I've ever had! It's too bad they closed down but hopefully the owners will be setting up shop somewhere else soon! I know the Yelp reviews had some hits and misses but at least this Kaiseki set (if I can ever find it again) was definitely a highlight.

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