Friday, August 31, 2012

Get Karl Oh Soo Jung Review (2007)

Drama Rating: ****
Personal Rating: Enjoyable

Oh Soo Jung, gold-digger and most popular girl in high school, unceremoniously dumped Go Man Soo at their wedding altar 8 years ago when she found out he had failed the bar exam. Eight years later, Man Soo, now known as Karl, returns to Korea after a successful stint in the US as a PGA golf champion looking to exact revenge on Oh Soo Jung. Will his mission succeed on his first love?

*Spoiler warning*

This humorous and light romantic comedy is fueled by a fairly simple plot but the screenwriter definitely made  the most of numerous opportunities to enliven the story with mirthful humor and entertainment. The drama followed a fairly predictable storyline, so if you've watched plenty of romcoms before, there shouldn't be too many surprises. However, the execution and delivery of many of the scenes are definitely better than average and very memorable.

The cast for this light and fun drama is headed by the charming and somewhat too easy-going Oh Ji Ho and the exuberant Uhm Jung Hwa as the boisterous Oh Soo Jung. Kang Sung Jin's Jung Woo Tak and Park Da An's Yook Dae Soon were somewhat low key and although they put in a solid performance, there acting was definitely done with less flair. The extended cast is top notch including the endearing pair Ahn Sun Young, playing Lee Young Ae, and Sung Dong Il with a delicious performance as Karl's manager Jung Seung Gyu.

The soundtrack for this drama is very tender and comforting. It establishes a great atmosphere for the drama and provides a familiarity and warmness that matches the characters and reflects their relationship.

This drama has very few major flaws and performs wonderfully as a classic romantic comedy. The storyline was very aptly created and colorfully written for the leading couple. The hurdles created for the pair were not insurmountable and fairly realistic allowing the audience to empathize fairly easily with the characters. The ample usage of humor and comedy definitely brightened up the episodes although a bit more tweaking and minor fine-tuning could certainly have elevated this drama further.

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