Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cravings Buffet @ The Mirage

Following the excellent buffet at the Bacchanal, we were very disappointed with the buffet at the Mirage. Charging $30 for dinner, we were expecting a fairly decent buffet experience even if we weren't expecting Bacchanal or Wynn quality. The first thing I guess we should've noticed was the unexpectedly short line for the buffet. Previously, at the Bellagio, I had waited one and a half hours to get into that buffet and the Bacchanal had required a total of two and a half hours of waiting to finally get seated at a table.  With Cravings, there was just a few minutes wait.


After getting seated, we had not yet grasped the poor quality of this buffet yet as we saw many food stations which gave false hope that there would be a wide selection of food. Started off with an apple juice.

Aside from the cocktail shrimp and seafood salad shots, the rest of the seafood selection was abysmal. The mussels and scallops were tiny, the crab legs were decidedly not fresh and the fish was probably at or worse than cafeteria food. In the end, I was primarily stuck with eating beans, bok choi, seaweed salad and greek salad for most of the meal as you can see below.

In fact, I had enough room to start on a second glass of apple juice at a $30 buffet!

Once again, filling up on the veggies and fruit as the dessert bar had mediocre selection...

Obviously that wasn't very filling so ended the meal with a nice big bowl of pho noodles.

Clearly, this was not what I was expecting at a $30 Vegas buffet. At least now you'll know what you're getting into if you try this place.

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