Sunday, December 9, 2012

Drama Ratings

Its been a while since I started rating dramas and based on some feedback, my current evaluation system will be reworked to give a better idea of the overall quality of the drama.

Ratings will continue to be given out of 10 based on the drama's overall production quality as follows:
- A score of 10 means exactly that - perfection (or as near perfection as we'll ever expect).
- A score of 5 means a very average drama with no particular strengths or weaknesses of note.
- A score of 0 means everything was abysmal, everything from the directing to the acting, the script to the music.

Further, a short personal note will follow to indicate my enjoyment level of the drama. Hopefully, this will enhance the value of the reviews and I hope that you'll all find this useful. Happy drama watching!

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