Friday, December 7, 2012

Vampire Prosecutor 2 Review (2012)

Drama Rating: ***
Personal Rating: Loved It!

Vampire prosecutor Min Tae Yeon continues to lead his team at the Seoul Prosecutor's office to investigate murders in this second season. They have a new boss, a new office and a new coroner but the core team and their mission remains relatively the same. To solve murder cases and bring criminals to justice. At the same time, how far will Tae Yeon get in his mission to find out more about 'bad blood'?

*Spoiler warning*

Season 2 of our favourite vampire prosecutor team returns with more crimes and more cases for them to handle. The cases continue to be as unique as the previous season and there is a nice variety here. Some of the cases are a bit more outlandish but it also make it a bit more fun (who doesn't enjoy some real fortune telling every so often - especially in a world where vampires exist). The only other major comment I have here is regarding the overall story arc. Clearly, they were trying to nail down some of the unresolved issues from last season and the resolution was reasonably well done. For a drama about the supernatural, keeping things 'logical' and consistent throughout are quite difficult but they were generally able managed this.

Yeon Jung Hoon resumes his role as prosecutor Min Tae Yeon albeit exhibiting a tad more bemusement in his character than his previous take. Lee Young Ah's Yoo Jung In has matured a bit in this second season and looks much more at ease with her prosecutor role, coinciding well with her accrued on-screen experience. Lee Won Jong 's Hwang Soon Bum continues to be the heart and soul of the team as Officer Hwang as he continues to disarm you with his charm. Kim Joo Young's Choi Dong Man retains his role as a sort-of punching bag for the others much to the audience's amusement. The additional of Dr. Jo to the team made no major impact as he integrated in well

The music for the continuation of the drama follows the same lines as the previous so I'll let that review speak for both.

Generally, the second season hasn't affected the general direction or feel of the drama much. The main noticeable difference was the greater camaraderie of the main cast. It has clearly improved since the first season and the drama bubbles with their chemistry, making this season markedly more relaxed and a delight to watch. The recurring storyline surrounding prosecutor Min Tae Yeon was the other draw although it would have been nice if more of the loose ends were resolved. As it is, too many things are still left open-ended (perhaps intentionally) so maybe we might see a Season 3?  Time will tell. Overall though, a solid drama.

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