Friday, June 14, 2013

A Tale of Three Lakes - Tahoe, Fallen Leaf & Lily

Spring is a gorgeous time of year and its readily apparent in the beauty of the Lake Tahoe and Yosemite area. I had a chance to visit during mid-May this year just when the snow was melting and the waterfalls overflowing in an abundance of water. Lake Tahoe had a gorgeous emerald color and the town was transitioning for the summer season.

We wanted to explore the local area and one of things the concierge recommended was a waterfall near Fallen Leaf Lake. Not far from the town center, you can take Fallen Leaf Road and follow it all the way down to the southern tip of the lake and if you continue for a bit, you'll eventually come to a crossroads at the Fallen Leaf Fire Department. Take the left road on Glen Alpine Road and a minute later, after a sharp bend, you'll reach a gorgeous lookout point of Glen Alpine Creek.

This mini-waterfall on the creek was quite a sight to behold! We were quite fortunate to visit at this time as we've been told if you want to catch the big waterfalls, May and June are the best times to go when the snow is melting and their is plenty of water streaming down.

As you continue to go down Glen Alpine Road, you'll eventually hit Lily Lake and the Glen Alpine Trailhead for those who enjoy hiking. The views of this lake were none too shabby either with snow-capped mountains  in the background making for a gorgeous vista.

There are plenty of mosquitoes in the area though so be prepared.

This picture was taken at Fallen Leaf Lake as we drove back up Fallen Leaf Road on the east side of the lake. Water temperatures here are slightly cooler than Lake Tahoe but this area was generally much more secluded, private and peaceful.

One last shot of Lake Tahoe with a disappearing sunset.

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