Monday, June 17, 2013

The Grandeur of Yosemite N.P.

Yosemite National Park certainly stands out as one of the preeminent national parks in the United States. With gushing waterfalls, spectacular valleys and mountains and an abundance of wildlife, we were particularly excited to be visiting at a time when the waterfalls were in full bloom as evidenced even at a creek near Lake Tahoe. In fact, we were exceptionally lucky to have chosen that weekend to travel as Tioga pass highway had just opened for the season the day before. Here, we are entering the Yosemite area heading westward from the east entrance.

The snow was melting everywhere so there were even small water runoffs right off the highway.

Tioga Lake was still partially frozen.

The creek running just parallel to the highway, Dana Fork, helped make it a great scenic drive along Tioga pass. You can literally stop at many points and be greeted by views like this and another picture of one of the domes we passed by along the way to Yosemite valley.

Looking out at Tenaya Lake:

Not sure where this little guy ran out from but he was just adorable. Looks somewhat like a mix between a beaver and a squirrel. You might be able to catch a glimpse of him like we did at Olmsted Point.

This picture of Cascade Creek doesn't do it justice as the volume of water rushing down is mostly hidden by the trees but you definitely won't miss it due to the roaring of the water (at least in May).

Looking out over the Yosemite valley. The scenery is just amazing!  Too bad I missed getting a shot of Half Dome :(

Just as we were embarking on the Bridalveil falls trailhead, we saw a number of deer near the parking lot.

And Bridalveil falls in all its glory. Bridalveil falls probably is one of the easiest hikes (more like just a short walk) you'll find in the park and you'll be able to get a nice close-up shot of the falls without expending much energy.

El Capitan:

And finally, the majestic (upper) Yosemite Falls (with the lower one being hidden behind the trees). Do allow yourself sufficient time traveling into and around the park if you're not camping here as traffic can get pretty busy especially in the summer. And watch for all those pesky mosquitoes especially near dawn and dusk.

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